Managing portfolios of properties through complex eviction rules and requirements can be frustrating!

Filing related delays and lack of visibility can cost you valuable time and resources

Connected. Simplified. Service.

CsS provides end-to-end eviction management through our service-infused technology platform to Real Estate portfolios and property management companies throughout the United States.


At CsS, we understand the challenges that real estate portfolios and property management companies face every day.  We’ve spent four decades developing an end-to-end eviction management service that puts all the resources you need at your fingertips. Our primary goal is to simplify the eviction process with unrivaled customer service and state-of-the-art technology. Our active case management service is comprehensive. It includes every element of the eviction process from demand, to eviction filing to set out and clean up.  Eviction process efficiency is our business, we give real estate portfolios and property management companies complete visibility of the eviction process and expedite the return of properties to the rental pool. 


Filing Related Delays

Complex jurisdictional rules from eviction notice (notice to cure) to set-out causing eviction process delays in the return of units back to performing residents.

Lack of Case Visibility

No Visibility into case statuses or progression across the portfolio.  No assurance cases are within expected stage of the eviction life cycle. 

Jurisdictional Rules

Ever-changing demand (eviction notice handling) and eviction coordination rules and regulation

Reporting and Analytic

Corporate reporting & analytics related to the eviction process are difficult to access, if even possible.

Vendor Management

Ability to impact NOI thru both unit turn speed and process cost reduction. Unmanageable tenant removal service

Employee Turnover

Changes within property management organizations require frequent retraining on the eviction rules related to jurisdiction

I am always pleased with the WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE  and your total backing to make sure we are good to go with our evictions filings. Thank you for all you do to make my work life easier!.


Multifamily Community Manager

CsS Services has been a HUGE help in managing eviction for our single family portfolio. The employees provide excellent service, and are always available to answer any questions we may have. The service they provide is unmatched to others in this industry. 


Single Family Property Management

Transforming Eviction Management with Data-Driven Decision Making

Transforming Eviction Management with Data-Driven Decision Making

CsS Services is tackling the challenges of navigating complex eviction rules and lack of process visibility head-on with their comprehensive eviction management platform. By handling all aspects of the eviction process in-house and investing heavily in their proprietary OptiRentTM platform, they provide unrivaled end-to-end service and transparency for clients.