When it becomes necessary to file for an Eviction,
CsS Services is here to help.

We make filing and tracking the progress of an eviction easier than ever before.

Whether using an attorney or having your cases prepared as a self-filer, we expedite the process using technology and
  advancing any required fees to take action as quickly as possible.

Once the eviction has been filed, we monitor every detail of the case to minimize all controllable time-frames. As your case progresses, we immediately update OptiRentTM, which will also update any authorized users, and your attorney (if one is engaged), with automatic notifications so all will remain updated as to the cases progress and required actions.

OptiRentTM  assures compliance with jurisdictional and attorney rules with respect to required case documentation to avoid filing delays and to support a potential hearings.

We provide Eviction Set-Out and Clean-Up Services in most jurisdictions. CsS will coordinate directly with law enforcement in your property’s jurisdiction to assure the Set-Out process is executed timely, safely and legally. Our clean up services are performed in accordance with jurisdictional rules and corporate polices, with an objective of also avoiding code enforcement and HOA violations.

We appreciate an Eviction Set-Out’s sensitive nature and treat the process with the highest degree of respect. Each eviction is carried out with a great deal of organization and always under law enforcement’s supervision to assure the process is completed safely and in a timely manner.

Our experienced team handles each step of the physical set-out process with the utmost level of integrity. We manage the physical eviction from start-to-finish including scheduling, required labor, time-stamped photography, lock re-key or replacement, and interior and exterior debris clean up.

After an eviction, we can provide clean-up services to ensure your property is ready for a new resident. Our services can include the exterior and /or interior. Our clean-up services’ goal is to help you avoid potentially costly code and HOA-related violations. By using our clean-up services, you can prevent potential employee injuries and related costs.