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Our story began in the early 1980s when the Georgia real estate market was emerging as a significant growth opportunity within the U.S.  CsS Services was formed to offer eviction processing solutions to the greater Atlanta area.  

From the old days of using typewriters, databases to migrating a web presence and current cloud-based computing environment, we have always embraced the future and technology to help make our services easy to access, efficient, and essential for managing the eviction process.  CsS Services has grown to provide a wide array of eviction solutions on a national basis. 

We have created technology that allows the C-suite to have visibility into their portfolio, support corporate compliance, and let the onsite teams manage their eviction cases efficiently.  

Today, CsS proudly relies upon one of the most experienced and capable teams in our industry. Enabled by the recent launch of our brand new filing platform, OptiRentTM, CsS is well equipped to service our customers’ eviction needs.

Typewriter Filing
writer, typewriter, hands

Typewriters, carbon paper, and blue fingers are how CsS started filling out forms back in the good old days.

Oracle Database
data, letters, scrabble

Developing an Oracle based system was a huge leap forward for CsS and our customers.  

Web Presence
monitor, binary, binary system

CsS embraced the web in it's earliest years, allowing it's customers easier access to their data. 

Cloud Based Environment
technology, 5g, aerial

CsS utilizing state of the act methodologies and security using a cloud based environment.  

We Provide The Best Service In National Compliance Solutions

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